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How Ann Summers is building loyalty and scaling UGC production with its brand community

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About Ann Summers

Ann Summers is a British retailer specialising in lingerie, apparel, sex toys, accessories and more, with 90 stores nationwide, a strong online presence, thousands of direct selling ambassadors and a vibrant and growing wholesale business.

Trailblazing since 1972, no other brand has had more conversations with women about sex, empowering generations to push boundaries and drive change. Ann Summers exists to Sexually Empower Every Woman.

Fann Summers, a unique approach to loyalty

  • Maria Hollins, Managing Director at ANN SUMMERSDrive customer loyalty by offering a unique interactive experience in-line with the brand’s core values
  • Maria Hollins, Managing Director at ANN SUMMERSSeek-out and champion brand advocates and inspire new ones
  • Maria Hollins, Managing Director at ANN SUMMERSGenerate continuous UGC to drive authenticity, conversion and inspiration
Our customer is always at the heart of our brand, and we’re thrilled to have a safe space for members to connect with others, seek and share advice on a range of sexual pleasure topics and Ann Summers products. The community hosts some of our most loyal brand advocates and we’ve already seen some great results with customer buying behaviours, retention, and engagement.

Maria Hollins, Managing Director at ANN SUMMERS
Maria Hollins, Managing Director at ANN SUMMERS

The secrets behind a best-in class community platform

Ann Summers Community, a new vision of loyalty

Fann Summers grows its community by:

- Ensuring strong presence in CRM emails and socials
- Using traffic from their ecommerce website through tabs, pods and dedicated ‘Community Loves’ selection of products
- QR codes on store till screens

TokyWoky AnnSummers brand community
TokyWoky AnnSummers brand community

Fann Summers runs a wide range of activities to drive retention and engagement:

- Product testing & reviews
- Co-creation surveys to improve product ranges with community feedback
- Community exclusive rewards
- Expert-led virtual events on a range of topics including: wellness, sexual health and body positivity
- Themed discussion groups for users to gain and share knowledge in a safe space
- Engaging missions, challenges and competitions every month

TokyWoky AnnSummer brand community
TokyWoky AnnSummers brand community

Fann Summers members can create their own product bundles to inspire others about possible product combinations

Product testers have their own dedicated section on the community to describe their experience with products and educate others.

The products used are tagged in the community, allowing any member to easily purchase them.

Ann Summers Community, a new vision of loyalty

Fann Summers Community impact

  • +40% incremental revenue for community members
  • 140,000+ interactions in the first 12 months
  • 3,000+ user pictures & visual UGCs
  • 2,000+ product bundles and reviews created by members
  • 43% of product pages enriched with community content
  • Enriched consumer profiles & CRM
  • Identification of organic influencers & KOLs

What ANN SUMMERS loves about its TokyWoky community

We launched Fann Summers because we wanted a loyalty programme for our customers that was more than your standard scheme. The platform encourages peer-to-peer interaction, generates UGC and is gamified so we offer customer rewards based on engagement. These rewards range from: VIP gifts, behind-the-scenes access at photoshoots and exclusive products to test. Community is the new loyalty and TokyWoky has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life.

Himare Alawiye, Community Manager at ANN SUMMERS
Himare Alawiye, Community Manager at ANN SUMMERS

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