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How Feelunique boosts loyalty and revenue, +13,000 UGC in 6 months

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About Feelunique

Feelunique is a fast-growing online cosmetics retailer and major player in the British e-commerce beauty market. The site boasts 4 million monthly visitors, 1.3 million active customers, ships to 120 countries and has recently been acquired by Sephora.

Why is Feelunique investing in community?

  • Improve customer loyalty and engagement
  • Drive conversion through community-generated content and continuous insights
  • New revenue from brand partners in exchange for access to the community
I’m very excited about what we have achieved with the Feelunique community. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded brand ambassadors to create and share authentic content.

In just 9 months, we have gathered more inspirational content than we could imagine and now it’s time to amplify it and use that community-generated content to boost conversion.

Our community is a retention tool in itself: beyond shopping, customers now return to the Feelunique site for inspiration. We’re creating a unique and gamified experience that builds loyalty.

Carla Martini, Head of online experience at Feelunique
Carla Martini, Head of Onsite Experience at Feelunique

The Feelunique Community in 5 steps

The Monki Ambassador Community generates UGC and online revenue

The Feelunique community is a dedicated community space on the retailer’s e-shop, powered by TokyWoky.

Design and launch took about 2 months.

Feelunique community members share UGC and and make up looks on the beauty spot community

Customers are invited to share make up looks and UGC.

The community generated 13,000+ UGCs in 6 months vs. 300/year for Feelunique with other UGC tools.

The Feelunique BeautySpot Community generates beauty and skincare routines that are shared on product pages

Community members can easily share their routines and favorite products.

The best beauty and skincare routines will be shared on product pages to increase product discovery and conversion.

Customer review generated on the Feelunique community

Community members can test and review new products.

In 6 months, over 2000 products have been reviewed by the community.

Feelunique community members can attend brand events and masterclasses

Feelunique hosts masterclasses with Huda Beauty, Nars, KVD...

It's both an exclusive experience for customers and a new revenue stream for Feelunique by giving brand partners access to the community.

With community events, generate revenue from brand partners

'' Partner brands are amazed at the amount of content created through community give-aways and events.

These events and brand masterclasses are also one way our brand partners can replicate the in-store experience. Our attendees are super engaged with a 100% view to end rate and we’re looking to scale our community event program fast. ''

Carla Martini, Head of online experience at Feelunique

Brand Community Results


16,000+ members with a total reach of 3 million followers


13,000+ UGC in 6 months vs 300/year with other UGC tools


2,000+ reviews via gamification and product tests


3,000 participants to 27 events

Why did Feelunique choose TokyWoky?

One of the main reasons we decided to work with TokyWoky is because their community platform has a multitude of different tools and activation mechanics to encourage customers to create content for us.

TokyWoky really helped us with the journey of launching our community and guided us on the best way to build and engage our customers. We were able to create onsite functionality that would have taken us years to achieve.

We are finally reaching our goal of integrating inspiring content onto our ecommerce platform.

Carla Martini, Head of online experience at Feelunique
Carla Martini, Head of Onsite Experience at Feelunique

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