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ICI Paris XL bets on an owned community for higher engagement & customer activation

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About ICI Paris XL ICI

ICI Paris XL is the n°1 beauty and cosmetics retailer in the Benelux, with a big historical focus on perfumes. The company is part of the A.S. Watson Group and boasts over 230 stores, and nearly 2 million monthly visitors on their webshops

ICI Paris XL and the strategic value of the community

  • Access: gather their best customers in a community the retailer controls
  • Advocacy: turn loyal customers into advocates
  • Drive new revenue: sell community access to partner brands through exclusive events
I'm very excited about what we've achieved with the ICI Paris XL community. Our goal is to create a network of beauty lovers whol feel connected to each other and to ICI Paris XL as a brand: an independent place for real beauty lovers to share their passion for beauty, independent advice and relatable content.

We managed to find a dedicated group in a short time that ensures engagement on the platform every day, and who is helping us to improve the platform itself but also our webshop.

Lonneke Van Bakel, Community Lead at ICI Paris XL
Lonneke Van Bakel, community lead at IPXL

How the ICI Paris XL Community works

1,000s of ICI Paris XL customers have joined the community
Overview and goals of the ICI Paris XL brand community

The community is powered by TokyWoky’s community platform and sits on the IPXL webshop.

Gamification tools and animation campaigns activate passionate customers.

Community members are then activated and rewarded
Weekly community events held for IPXL customers

Answer shopper questions

6,000 customer helped

IPXL product testing

Test products

200 reviewed products

Weekly community events held for IPXL customers

Attend exclusive events

750 attendees

Overview of the events organized for the community

ICI Paris XL hosts weekly events and masterclasses with partner brands like Clinique, La Mer, Estée Lauder…

Members get to test products, learn about beauty, meet the brands they love…

On top of offering an exclusive experience to top customers, this drives direct revenue from the community from brands.

Next steps with the community
Launch of the IPXL community in Belgium

International expansion

Growth of the ICI Paris XL community in Belgium

IPXL community UGC

Community UGC on product pages

Goal is to increase product discovery and conversion

Key community results

  • 12,000+ community members
  • 6,000+ shoppers helped
  • 19% engagement (vs 2,2% on Instagram and 0,8% on Facebook), x3 time on site
  • +50% customer value, + 11% AOV for community members
  • Launch with other A.S. Watson brands: Superdrug, ICI Paris XL Belgium

Why did ICI Paris XL choose TokyWoky?

One of the main reasons we decided to work with TokyWoky is because they are continuously innovating the platform with new features that are designed in such a way that it can provide direct value for us as a brand and are fun for our community members to use.

It's really nice to work with the TokyWoky team, they are ambitious, flexible and know where they want to go with the community platform and help us set the strategy as well. Even though they offer a generic platform, they do everything to meet their 'customers' needs and make every platform unique.

Lonneke Van Bakel, Community Lead at ICI Paris XL
Lonneke Van Bakel, community lead at IPXL

Ready to launch your brand community?

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