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How Monki Generates 1,000s of UGC and Direct Online Revenue With Their Brand Community

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About Monki

Monki (part of the H&M group) is an international fashion brand who wants to differentiate with community and interactive shopping experiences.

On their quest to offer a unique social shopping experience, Monki teamed up with TokyWoky to create a community space for their customers that boosts inspiration and sales.

Brand Community Goals

  • Turn the Monki online shop into a social fashion destination
  • Gather brand advocates and fans on a platform they own (away from social media)
  • Find a scalable way for the Monki community to directly impact revenue
With the Monkisphere, we’re creating a digital meeting place where customers can help and inspire each other.

We love to engage with our customers and learn more about what inspires her, what she thinks is important and how she interprets our collections. We want to be relevant and address topics that are important to young women today.

Being able to gather input and build relations on one platform is a key asset for the continued development of our brand.

Sophie-Joy B Elkan, Performance Marketing Manager at Monki
Customer Testimonial from Monki on the TokyWoky Brand Community Platform

The Monki Community in 3 steps

The Monki Ambassador Community generates UGC and online revenue

The Monkisphere is a dedicated community space on powered by TokyWoky.

The gamified community platform is fully integrated with Monki’s online shop
and took about 2 months to launch and design.

Monki community members share UGC and create looks on the Monkisphere

Customers are engaged with a range of activities: UGC and fashion contests, discussion groups, interactions with the brand, and more.

The best UGC created on the Monki brand community are displayed on product pages to increase revenue

The best community UGC gets displayed on product pages, increasing conversion and online sales.

This generates direct (and AB tested!) impact from the community on online revenue.

Brand Community Results

  • 14,000+ active users on the Monki brand community
  • 5000+ UGC created in the first month
  • +400% conversion for community members
  • Direct impact on revenue proven by AB test

Why Monki chose TokyWoky

TokyWoky helps make our vision of creating meaningful customer relationships and engaging our community come true. Their insights, knowledge and service level have made them a highly valuable partner to us.
The Monkisphere community has exceeded our expectations. We’ve been looking for ways to build a community hub, a friendly digital meeting place for the Monki family, for a while now. We know that our community has a big passion for fashion, and it‘s amazing to follow how they engage, support and inspire each other – and us! I am very proud of the Monkisphere.

Sophie-Joy B Elkan, Performance Marketing Manager at Monki

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