+2300Customers helped each month
-20%Customers Support costs
+20%Questions answered by Dynamic FAQ/bot tool
Galeries Lafayette is France’s biggest and best known department store. In 2017, their online sales increased sharply and so did the amount of contacts to customer support. A substantial part of these contacts were low added-value/presell incoming calls.
Galeries lafayette needed a way to reduce low-added value contacts to their customer support teams.

Galeries Lafayette launched TokyWoky’s community chat.

By generating peer-to-peer interactions, they aimed to decrease incoming calls to customer support.

They started letting their customers help each other, and quickly noticed the formation of an organic community of active “coaches”. These “super-shoppers” started answering more and more questions and getting better at it. A considerable portion of these were questions that would have normally gone to customer service.

As time passed the Galeries Lafayette and TokyWoky teams also started spotting recurrent questions to which there was an easy answer. They added them to TokyWoky’s dynamic FAQ tool to give shoppers instant help on these topics.

  • An organic community of +100 coaches was automatically created within 3 months
  • Customer service teams noticed a 20% decrease in contacts and found they could focus more on higher added-value requests.
  • Up to 20% of questions were answered instantaneously by the dynamic FAQ tool.
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