+25community product reviews/week
x6Conversion rate of peer to peer chat users
+12%Conversion rate of pages with community reviews
Lancôme the French Luxury beauty brand knows the power of user generated content and reviews in the beauty industry, especially when a new range of products is launched on the market. Like many others, they’ve noticed that reviews are key to increase product page conversion.
When launching new products, Lancôme felt they often took too long to generate the reviews they needed to optimize conversion and make the launch a success.

Thanks to TokyWoky’s peer-to-peer chat, 500+ ambassadors had already emerged on Lancôme website, these active members were already answering 400+ questions from online shoppers every month.

The brand decided to take a step further with their community. They gave their top 25 ambassadors access to their new products before launch to gather feedbacks and reviews. They then published the content directly on the website on the upcoming products pages.

  • Lancôme gathered 25 quality reviews for each new product in a week and had them published as soon as the products launched.
  • They tracked a +12% conversion rate increase on target pages.
  • Their ambassadors now readily promote the products they’d tried and liked on Lancôme community chat.
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