600+Ambassadors in three months
x3Customers helped every month
+36%+Average basket for TokyWoky users

OverclockersUK is UK’s top gamer destination with a wide range of high performance computer components, hardware and gaming systems.

Buying a gaming computer requires experience and precise knowledge when it comes to choosing the right equipment. OverclockersUK wanted to bring its clients not only great products but also advice on how to choose the right one for each client.

Overclockers UK quickly identified that they did not have the human resources necessary to answer all of their visitors’ questions. They also acknowledged that their forum wasn’t answering their customers need for fast & precise help.

They chose to launch TokyWoky’s peer-to-peer live chat, hoping their community could help more visitors find the product that was right for them.

Letting their shoppers help each other, quickly engaged their community of high-tech & computer enthusiasts. With the help of this organic community they were able to handle thousands of questions every month.

They found that their shoppers really appreciated being able to interact with peers they could trust in real-time as evidenced by the increased conversion and basket-size of TokyWoky users.

  • An organic community of 600+ coaches emerged within the first 3 months.
  • On average, the top 3 coaches each answer +3000 questions online every month.
  • The coaches’ best advice are published in Overclockers blog’s articles, boosting their SEO.
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