Go from website to community

Our all-in-one community platform helps brands create unique experiences for their loyal customers and turn them into advocates.

Community platforms that match your business goals

Boost loyalty
with community missions, gamification and rewards
Create UGC at scale
with contests, UGC galleries and product reviews
Share knowledge
with community chat, forums and wikis
Gather insights
with surveys, co-creation campaigns and product tests

A proven process to build and scale your community

Build your community
We build the platform that fits your goals & customer needs
Recruit customers
We iterate to find the best recruiting & engagement process
Activate customers
Start leveraging UGC, product testing, insights & more
Measure results
Measure impact on acquisition, conversion & loyalty

Powering 130+ global brand communities

Community platform built for enterprise brands

Fully adaptable
Our platform & custom channels adapt to your project
White label platform
We help you design your unique platform that truly reflect your band voice
Expert support
You get a dedicated team that helps you build & scale
Easy migration
We help you switch to a more modern and adaptable platform
Tech stack integration
From CRM to SSO, we fully integrate with your tech stack
Measure ROI
Our platform is designed to meet your goals
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"TokyWoky can increase conversion by 10 to 20% by engaging your customer community."
Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO about TokyWoky
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