We help you get community right

Community can be really tricky to get right. We have the right team and method to build yours & maximize community value.
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A proven method for community building


Involve the right people

Every community is unique and needs to be crafted by a team with the right expertise.

You’ll get a dedicated Community Architect, Community Manager, Customer Success Manager and developer who will work on your community project with you.

Define your community project

We help you define a clear community plan, business goals & how these match customer needs.

This is how we decide what activities and metrics fit your community.

We iterate until we find the best version of your platform

We launch a first version of your community platform with core fans and learn what works and doesn’t. We gradually adapt & build the best platform for your brand in the months that follow.

The outcome is a recruitment, retention and engagement process that works for you.

We track community success and ROI

Most community projects fail when they’re unable to measure ROI. We design our platforms and community activities with clear business goals in mind: this is how we can measure ROI immediately.

Our goal is to make sure your CEO and board understand the short and long term impact your community is making.

We help you run your community beyond launch day

Once your community is up and running, our team helps you with the day-to-day community management - either managing your entire community or just some aspects like training, reporting & tech support for your teams.
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